A former UFC fighter, better known by the name Soa The Hulk. After a long and successful career in the octagon, The Hulk is known for his work in the mental health and family violence space.
Palelei’s tough childhood experiences and large platform has seen him take on roles as an ambassador with Macmahon Holdings, White Ribbon and Make a Wish Foundation to spread the message and raise awareness around mental health and domestic violence.
After hanging up the gloves, The Hulk turned from fighter to author, penning the memoir, Face Your Fears, detailing his childhood and becoming a UFC superstar after graduating from the school of hard knocks.
His MMA career spanned 13 years, retiring with a 22-5 winning record from 27 bouts. A total of 18 fights were won by knockout, with the remaining four won by submission.
Career Highlights:
Australian Fighting Championship World Heavy Weight Champion
K-OZ Entertainment World Super Heavy Weight Champion
IKBF Super Heavy Weight World Champion
Australian Heavy Weight Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Australian Heavy Weight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 


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